Full Blackout – What Will Happen To The Planet Without The Internet?

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What Will Happen To The Planet Without The Internet?
A week without the internet sounds like a great way to relax from social networks, stop wasting time, and work more. But on a global scale this also means the absence of business correspondence by e-mail, the inability to pay with a bank card, and use trains. Is it innocent to completely shut off the internet on the planet, as it seems at first glance?

What does it mean not to have the internet?

In 1995, less than 1% of the world’s population used the internet. The internet was something new and unusual. A little more than twenty years have passed and today, the number of users of the internet exceeds 4 billion, that is, more than half of all mankind. Every second 10 people get access to the internet.
The influence of the internet on our lives is difficult to overestimate – you are talking with a friend on another continent, ordering a rare book online,booking your vacation for the next month, and transferring money. According to various estimates, we spend from 30 to 80% of our time online.
The internet is a complex network covering the entire globe. The information is distributed dynamically, that is, each time the route between two points can change, and even the disconnection of relatively large parts of the system can not affect its performance. But let’s assume for a moment that suddenly the internet has completely disappeared. What should weexpect in this case? This 10 page research paper discusses the effects of the disappearance of the internet on people.


Of course, the world without the internet will be very strange. The simplest functions, such as sending messages and calls will be unavailable – the infrastructure that supports the work of these services, in itself is part of the web.
The same applies to television and radio. If you have an old antenna and a receiver, there’s nothing to worry about. But these services have long been used by many people only through the internet. Morning news and jogging music? Forget it.


Cars, trains, and airplanes in general do not need internet for movement. If the disconnection does not last more than a few days, there will most likely not be any serious problems. However, few people think that buying tickets for planes almost entirely occurs only through the internet, and airlines will incur losses. A long absence of the internet will affect logistics, problems with which can lead to a complete inability to get to the right place.
The traffic in cities will suffer much more, especially in megacities – traffic lights are regulated via the internet depending on the time of day and traffic congestion. Even if the traffic lights continue to work, they will stop adapting to the situation.

Health care

The medical sphere is under greater threat in case of total disconnection of the internet – many devices in hospitals are now controlled online. If appliances are turned off, people’s lives are in jeopardy. Some hospitals in the US were subjected to cyberattacks, as a result of which the functioning of medical institutions was greatly hampered, which only confirms the conjecture about the consequences of a complete disconnection from the internet.
Of the less serious consequences – the lack of rapid access to information necessary for diagnosing and interpreting analyzes and studies. No medical consultation through Skype with foreign colleagues. The process of treatment of patients will slow down, especially in case of atypical and rare diseases.

Business and economics

There are many opinions about how the lack of the internet will affect the economy. First, most likely companies will go bankrupt, the functioning of which occurs only online – there will be no Amazon and Google. In Such companies as Microsoft, certain spheres of activity will completely disappear.
After the disappearance of advertising on the internet, the demand for many products will drop. Currently, more than a third of all sales are online, and the loss will be trillions of dollars.
Your personal finances will suffer no less. In addition to not being able to pay with bank cards, you will also lose access to your savings.
The good news is that the total internet shutdown is still unlikely. This is not some kind of a magic box with a switch, in fact it is basically not material. The internet consists of separate physically real devices but they are constantly connected to it and switched off, and its dynamism will allow to function even in case of large-scale breakdowns.