How To Sell Your Music Online

How To Sell Your Music Online

Sell And Promote Your Music Online

  • The music industry is constantly changing, thanks to the internet, the global connectivity created by social media, sites like YouTube, and the digitization of music. Moreover, with the advent of internet and satellite radio, people are no longer limited to the geographical boundaries of their local radio frequencies, so getting radio play on a major station isn’t the coveted achievement it once was. Gone are the days of people making demos and relentlessly sending them to every record label and radio station in the business, because today, people can use internet resources, music sites, and local recording studios to produce, sell, and promote their own music.

Our Distribution Services

It’s never been easier to get your music on stores and streaming services and start making money from your music.

  • Once you have perfected a couple songs, it’s time to lay down the tracks. After all, you can’t sell your music if you don’t have anything recorded, but thanks to advancing technologies where musicians can go to record a few tracks or entire albums at relatively low prices.

NOW!! Making music is what you do? No matter who you are, either unsigned, already working as a musician, managing artists, or running a small label you need one thing: DISTRIBUTION.


Exclusivepp music distribution puts your music in over 74 of the most popular digital store around the world like iTunes, Amazonmp3, Google Play. Spotify. And more. As a preferred iTunes music aggregator, they make selling your music on iTunes straightforward and easy.

How To Sell Your Music Online

YouTube Monetization

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become one of the leading providers of music discovery around the world. This presents a great opportunity for you to make revenue from your music like never before from YouTube and ensuring that your copyrights and songs are protected.


We believe in supporting independent artists the best they can. That means letting you keep what and 100% of the sales revenue you earn. YOU MAKE THE MUSIC: WE HELP YOU MAKE THE MONEY. It’s that so simple.

Piracy Protection

Exclusivepp Distributing helps to protect your music from file sharing websites. With this protection in place, it can help sales performance and prevent others from illegally placing material (albums and single) on blogs and other websites that aim to steal music for their own gain.

Bonus Services and Features You Get

  1. Collect revenue when your music is used in videos
  2. Protect your music to ensure nobody can monetize but you.
  3. Submit your music to YouTube Red (Included!)
  4. Receive monthly payments
  5. Also monetize music videos, video shows, & more


Exclusivepp Distribution will help you grow your audience, get discovered, and increase your revenue. Getting your music onto these platforms is a great way to help push your artistic career to the next level in terms of exposure and revenue Click Here To See More Of Our Offer



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