Kourtney Kardashian Shades Tyga For Taking Credit Of Kylie Jenner’s Success

Kourtney Kardashian shades Tyga for taking credit of Kylie Jenner’s success lailasnews

Kourtney Kardashian Shades Tyga For Taking Credit Of Kylie Jenner’s Success

Tyga who in a recent interview on Nicki Minaj’s Queen radio show on 31 August, took credit for Kylie Jenner’s success, has been shaded by the reality show star’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

Tyga who claimed that Kylie’s lip kit empire was kinda down to him too, said on the interview;

“She always had a platform and she was always destined to be what she was going to be regardless, but, when I stepped in, there was a lot of codes being taught. It was like, ‘You could do this, you should start this, you should start doing your hair like this.’”

“I don’t need to go online and tell people I did this and I’m the one who helped her coming up with these colours and names on her…lip line. It was a lot of stuff, but it’s like I’m not that bitter type of person because God is going to pay me back. The universe is going to pay me back.”

However reacting to the claims, Kourtney Kardashian liked an old video that a Kardashian account shared in which she was heard shouting, “Get the f*ck over here, Tyga, get the-T, listen to me when I’m talking to you! Get the f*ck over here.”

The caption of the video reads: “All of us to Tyga when he said he was a reason for kylie’s success.”

The relationship between Tyga and Kylie which ended few years ago, was ignited after 14-year-old Kylie first had something for Tyga when she bumped into him at her sister’s sixteenth birthday party. He had been invited to perform at the event back in 2011, and she was spotted awkwardly flirting with Tyga in the corresponding episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner broke up with Tyga on his 26th birthday because of “influence from the Kardashians”. After news spread, she released a cryptic snapchat playing Bryson Tiller’s ‘Been That Way’ in the background. The standout lyrics from the clip were “I wanna know how we became so distant.”