“Lady Wearing Sexy Clothes Tend to look more Intelligent and Smart” New Findings


REVEALING clothing is typically not associated with a high IQ.

Short skirts, tight-fitting dresses and low-cut ensembles will certainly turn heads and gain attention.

And if the viral popularity of busty weather girls like Jackie Guerrido is any indication, figure-hugging outfits will also hold it.

But how does dressing that way really make women appear?

An initial study has revealed a somewhat surprising trend about the impact ‘sexualised’ clothing has on young people.

Instagram girl doing weights

Apparently, barely-there ensembles can actually make women appear more intelligent and more likely to be faithful to a partner.

The surprising findings, from the University of Bedfordshire, draw a stark contrast to previous studies which claim revealing clothing makes women appear quite the opposite to intelligent.

A sample of students, of the average age 21, were shown a series of photographs of a fashion model in her 30s.

Some of the pictures featured the model in a low-cat top, jacket and very short skirt.
Others showed her with a longer skirt and more modest version of the top.

The respondents ranked the model on factors including intelligence, faithfulness, morality and intention to have sex based on the images.

Researchers said: “Contrary to our predictions it was the sexualised clothing which resulted in higher intelligence and faithfulness ratings.

There was no significant change in the other factors based on what the model was wearing.
Researchers Rachael Worrell and Alfredo Gaitan say their study indicates a shift in stereotypes about women.

Dr Gaitan said: “Have attitudes changed so much that people are not making negative judgments based on a woman’s dress?

“We think there are still negative attitudes out there, but perhaps people are seeing the sexy look more positively.”



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