See what Pastor is telling single women to do with a man’s manhood


Pastor, Manhood

Pastor advices single ladies in church to always check a man’s manhood before marriage.

Jessica, a co-host of Ghanaian TV show, Celebrity Fanzone

Jessica Opare Saforo is a co-host of a show called Celebrity Fanzone in Ghana. The show talks about celebrity and lifestyle in Ghana and around the world.

On the episode that aired on August 20, Jessica revealed her pastor in her church once highlighted the importance of women seeing a man’s manhood before marriage to know what they are getting into.

 Pastor, Manhood

She said: “I remember being in church one day, when my pastor was preaching about things like this… What the pastor did say though is, ‘women should ask to see the manhood. They have to look at it to be sure because you can look at the size to be sure is if it’s something you can live with.’

Jessica then gave her opinion which is in support of the Pastor’s unorthodox advice. She said: “I agree if you are not even going to go the whole nine yards [pre-marital [email protected]:’] but you should see [manhood].”

This is outside what the Bible teaches so it is strange for a man of God would advice women to do such but the world is changing. What do you guys think? Ladies, is it okay to see the man’s manhood before marriage so you know what you are getting stuck with? Or do you prefer it to be a surprise?

And for the men, do you agree the same principle should apply to the women and you should always see the woman in all her glory before marriage? Let us know in the comment section.



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