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The busy season of the English Premier League is coming to its middle, which means it’s time to sum up the interim results.

One of the main losers of this half is Manchester United, who was not only unable to compete for the title, but most likely will not enter the top-4.

This summer, the Red Devils held an awful transfer campaign and, in fact, could not buy anyone except Fred, who can hardly be called a stable player in the starting lineup.

The problems of the team in defense are particularly striking — it is a real mess. As a result, the team was able to win only 1 match out of 13.

In addition to this, Lukaku lost the form completely, he does not show anything similar to what he had the previous season.

It all resulted in a position somewhere in the middle of the standings and the lack of real prospects for the fight for a place in the zone of the Champions League.

If you look at the EPL fixtures, you see that the Red Devils have serious challenges ahead of them, like matches against direct rivals for getting into the European Cups, and this time Mourinho’s squad doesn’t have the right to misfire.

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MU Prospects in Second Half of Season

However, despite the overall crisis, there are positive moments that give fans hope that the situation in the standings will change for the better in the near future.

Among the factors that can contribute to the improvement of the Mankunians’ situation are the following:-

1. Progress of some players. First of all, it concerns Martial, who get a good form and scored goals during several matches in a row.

2. Weakness of many competitors. For example, Tottenham does not look invulnerable, although in the first round the Red Devils lost to the Spurs 0:3.

3. Team spirit. More than once in the course of the season, the team managed to change the course of the match, which was unsuccessful for it. We still vividly remember matches against Newcastle, Juventus, and others.

Thus, the fans still have hopes, but the players must meet their expectations right now and give their all in every single match in order to improve its position in the standings.

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