Uriel Oputa Talks Bodyshaming And Surgery


Uriel Oputa Talks Bodyshaming And Surgery

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, former Big Brother Nigeria contestant, Uriel Oputa, has made it known to her body-shamers that no matter how much they try, their constant criticism does not in any way affect her.

She said:

“Body shaming does not affect me; I just move on. I feel people who do that are not confident in themselves. I feel those people are cowards who lack self-esteem. I have no plans to do a boob job.”

Speaking on her new talk show, Uriel Talks, she said:

“Uriel Talks is a talk show where I talk about issues that affect people. The last one I did was about whether it’s right to move in with your partner when you’re not married. These are things that happen every day so we’re just trying to analyse them. It is an interactive show where people share different views and opinions.

I talk a lot and I like to hear other people air their views as well. On the show, we talk about everything or anything. At the beginning of the show, I usually showcase a dish that I prepared beforehand. I have plans to take the show on TV but for now, it’s just on my Instagram page and YouTube.”

On if there are limits to the things that would be discussed on the show, Uriel said,

“I won’t talk about religion. I also won’t really talk about sex because that’s not my brand; I won’t dabble into things like that. I will talk about relationships but not about sex point-blank.”



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