Why It’s Hard For Smart Women To Find Love (Must Read)


Why It's Hard for Smart Women to Find Love

Why It’s Hard for Smart Women to Find Love

People fall in love, date, get married. And you? You don’t take part in any of that. Your mom says you are too smart. Maybe she’s right, but you can’t be less smart. You’ve heard somewhere that men are afraid of strong intelligent women. And what should you do with this information? I’ll sweeten the pill by saying that respectable and intelligent have the same problem – they are picky too. I hope one day a single smart woman and a single intelligent man will bump into each and make a perfect couple. This is my utopian dream.

In order to understand smart girls better, I decided to gain insight into the workings of their minds. Here are some facts about them from romancecompass site for the men interested in dating smart women.

  1. Intelligent beautiful women would rather be single than with the wrong guy. Being in a relationship with the person you’re not that into for the sake of not being single – this is a time wasted. They realize that they can put this time to a better use.
  2. Usually, educated women are financially independent. Their self-sufficiency allows them to live on their own without needing anyone’s help. At some point, they get scared of a thought they will have to share their comfort zone with someone else.
  3. They don’t pretend or make up when they say what they want from life in 10 or 20 years. They don’t think they are going to stay the same. They believe they are going to change. They strive for development and improvement, and this can hamper their personal lives.
  4. Do men like intelligent women? According to a popular belief, men are afraid of them. Usually, smart women scare only insecure men. Confident and intelligent men want their girlfriends to be compatible with them, they like to be challenged.
  5. Smart girls spend a lot of time analyzing the notion “a perfect match”. They know that compatibility is more of science than fate. It’s 50% of chemistry and 50% of love and care.
  6. Passions and interests are extremely important to smart women. Dating is a time-consuming venture and often they will choose between going out on a date and doing things they like instead. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to find time for everything in their schedule. Very often, this is the main reason why smart ladies stay single.
  7. They are not cynical. They know that relationships tend to end someday; they are aware of the popular causes too. They do not rely on the feeling of love solely. For them, a relationship is not only about love, it’s also about the commonality of views on life, financial habits.
  8. Smart women can distinguish the feeling of comfort they get when a man is around from genuine love. They realize this is the effect their hormones have on them. Love should be developed gradually and true feelings should be proven.
  9. They want their relationship to be the result of love, attraction, connection, and solid communication. Not all men understand the essence of a relationship in the same way.
  10. Smart women can stand for themselves. They know their own worth, and they don’t want to put effort into a dead-end relationship. They will always soberly analyze whether this or that relationship is worth time and effort.

Some women are intelligent and they are comfortable personalities to deal with, while some don’t lose an opportunity to show off their knowledge and intellectual superiority. You will never get bored with the first category of smart women. However, a woman belonging to the second type can become your “enemy”. If a smart woman has a dominating role in a relationship, her man can behave in three ways. He can accept this state of things, he can take advantage of it and improve himself to be equal, or he can end this relationship.

Source:- Romancecompass.com



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